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WORLD premiere: Eve Apart

September 2, 2014

First of all, did you know CHATTANOOGA has OPERA?  Second of all, have you ever wondered how it feels to premiere and opera/musical?  It's probably not something you think about everyday, but let me just tell you, it is one of the most exhilarating creative processes I've ever been a part of!  An abstract idea envisioned by the librettist (Kip Soteres) and the composer (Tim Hinck) suddenly materializes to create a tangible art form.  We're essentially getting to take a peek inside the brain of two geniuses joining forces to forge a completely new, cutting-edge work.  The intellect and talent involved in this production of Eve Apart is absolutely astounding.  




Here is how the new, grass roots opera company, Artisti Affamati, explains the mythological subject Eve Apart is based upon:

"Well essentially the story goes that God created Adam and Lilith at the same time from the same ground. Lilith, being an independent mined woman didn't like the submissive role she was handed in the Garden of Eden so rebelled against God and Adam and left. God then made another woman but Adam didn't like that one, as having seen her be made he wasn't attracted to her at all! She was the nameless Second wife. Third time was the charm when God took a rib from Adam and crafted Eve. And we all know how it went from there. 
Eve Apart takes that story and weaves between the world of Eden and the outside Earth showing both mythology of the women and the story of Adam and Eve after the fall from the Garden."




So, how did Tim Hinck translate this story into music?  A little from the composer himself....

"This is an opera that seems, at first, like a simple, beautiful chamber opera: cascading musical lines reminiscent of Ravel, and the harmonies recall the Russian Romantic masters," says Hinck. "But suddenly you realize that this is a world of sights and sounds unlike anything you have seen or heard. Dream-like layers of subtle, electronic sounds descend on this 'Classical' opera; the playful entrances of a toy piano, the ominous brake drum, and echoes of an electronically-sampled 'computer choir' create an enchanting sound world that you won't soon forget."




I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to attend the world premiere of Eve Apart at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre, September 4-7 (and again in Pittsburgh with Alia Musica on the 12-14th).  This is a chance you don't get very often--to be the audience for a WORLD premiere.  YOU get to be the first affected, to have the first reactions, to perpetuate the conversation that this opera begins.  PLUS, I'm getting to premiere the part of "Nameless Second"--Adam's mythical second wife, more a creature than a person as he watched as she was being formed. So you can imagine how pumped I am to perform this poignantly primal (dare I say creepy?) role.  For more information on tickets for Eve Apart, visit: The Chattanooga Theatre Centre


**information borrowed from Artisti Affamati and The Chattanooga Theatre Centre



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